VoIP for home: How to prepare your phone system for home working

Western Designs is an architectural business based in Dorset. In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, they needed to ensure their phone system would support efficient home working. 

western design logoIn the office, they have a traditional PBX phone system with five lines. This meant they had no means of managing calls outside of the office, other than to divert all calls from all five lines to a single number.

To benefit from the home working capabilities that VoIP offers as quickly as possible, Western Designs asked Consega Limited to set up a new VoIP system specifically for home workers using VOIP DECT telephones. 

Once the new VoIP system was in place, Consega Limited set up a call divert from their traditional phone system to the new VoIP phone system. 

This meant the VoIP phone system could distribute up to five incoming calls to the VoIP phones that employees have at home, rather than have one phone handle all incoming calls. 

Once the call is being handled by the new VoIP phone system, incoming calls can be transferred to other employees in the business who are either using a VoIP phone or a softphone app on their mobile. 

Employees can also use their VoIP phones to make calls to clients using the normal Western Design phone number to avoid confusion. 

Once the current situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak is over and normal office duties resume, the divert can be removed and they can go back to using their traditional PBX system. 

By now, of course, the client should be changing that old traditional system in the office to a new VOIP system!