Upgrade Your Sanitizing Game With This Adorable $40 UV Lamp

You may not be as dedicated to disinfecting your space as some of our favorite stars, but one thing you should always keep sanitized is your phone.

Your phone carries about 18 times more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat, and if you haven’t cleaned it lately, probably more. But with this UV Lamp from Sinji, you can forget about buying impossible-to-find Clorox wipes. Instead, this genius gadget uses UV germicidal light to kill the germs on your phone in just 15 minutes!

It’s super quick and safe, and a better alternative to wipes and other cleaning chemicals. The lamp is also perfect for cleaning other small items you hold regularly, such as your keys and wallet.

And if that weren’t enough of a reason to snatch up this handsome gadget, the Sanitizing lamp also doubles as a wireless charger to power up your QI-enabled phone. Plus, it automatically detects the best charging speed for your device, so you always get a safe and quick charge without carrying around any extra cables.

You can get the UV Sanitizing Lamp here for $39.99, a 20% discount from the retail price of $49. Get set for a very germy fall and prepare to keep your phone clean.

UV Sanitizing Lamp & Wireless Charger – $39.99

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