TNW | Startup School

Want to learn how to get your website found on Google search? This session will look at the fundamentals of organic search and how to start driving traffic from search engines.

This session is all about getting to grips with search engine optimisation and will provide an excellent introduction to how Google search works. We’ll then look closely at how to plan and create content that your audience, and Google, will love and will boost your website visibility and reach.

This event is for any startup founder who wants to drive more inbound traffic to their website. By attending this session, you’ll gain the knowledge to plan and create Google friendly content that will help you to reach the customers you want to connect with. This event is for Startups only. 

Both Google for Startups Campus members and non-members can apply for this event. If you’re a member, we already have your basic info, so you’ll skip right to the application, but non-members will need to give us some more detail.


  •  Introduction to Google Search – Why is it important and how does it work?
  • Developing content Google will love – What are your customers searching for and how do you create content to connect with them?
  • Measuring Performance – How do I know and how people are finding my content through Google?


Startup School is a set of practical hands-on trainings to advance founders and their teams by providing them with tools and skills growing startups need. The highly interactive sessions cover a range of topics varying from digital marketing, product specific knowledge to business strategy. They are delivered live to a small group of startup founders and employees by professional trainers, Google experts, and industry specialists.