Schools find shortage of laptops, tablets when needed the most | Education

“If we need it all at once, guess what? Most of us are going to be disappointed,” Simpson said. “We’ll get it – eventually.”

Aside from the 9,700 iPads, Buffalo Public Schools are waiting for an order of more than 1,000 HP laptops. Those are for staff to ensure everyone has an upgraded device with a web cam, Edwards said.

“They’re not giving us how long that delay is, only that we don’t have them because of a delay in components,” Edwards said.

The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District is facing similar challenges.

“We are finding that it is taking considerably longer than it has in past years to acquire Chromebooks,” said Patrick Fanelli, a district spokesman.

Ken-Ton, which also started the school year fully remote, ordered 2,500 Chromebooks last month to ensure all students are equipped with a device, Fanelli said.

In a normal year, the district might get a shipment in as little as three weeks, depending on the size of the order, Fanelli said. This year, he said, the Chromebooks are expected to be received and readied in eight to 10 weeks – just prior to the Thanksgiving recess.

In the Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District, devices were distributed to families and prioritized based on who was in need of a device at home, said Superintendent Kimberly Moritz. The district ordered more in the spring.