Release date, battery life and price revealed

APPLE’S latest and greatest smartwatch is finally official – and it’s called the Apple Watch Series 6.

The new gadget was announced alongside two new iPads and a cheaper ‘Apple Watch SE’ at a virtual event this week.

There's a new 'Solo Loop' available on the Apple Watch Series 6


There’s a new ‘Solo Loop’ available on the Apple Watch Series 6Credit: Apple

Apple Watch 6 specs and features – what’s new?

The headline feature is the fact that you can now measure blood oxygen levels.

It shines red and infrared light onto your wrist, letting you make sure you’re not dipping too low.

SPO2, or blood-oxygen saturation, is a vital sign – a key measurement with critical info about your current health.

The Apple Watch will take readings in just 15 seconds, as well as taking period measurements throughout the day.

Apple's Jeff Williams showed off the new watch during a virtual keynote event


Apple’s Jeff Williams showed off the new watch during a virtual keynote eventCredit: Apple

There’s a new Blood Oxygen app on the Apple Watch Series 6, making it easy to check.

The Apple Watch Series 6 has a brand new S6 chip, based on the iPhone’s A13 processor.

That should let it run more powerful apps, and hopefully improve battery life too.

Apple says that the Always On display is 2.5x brighter outdoors, thanks to the chip.

And there’s a continuous altimeter, which will let you see your elevation change on a hike in real-time.

As mentioned before, you’ll be able to take your blood oxygen levels too – which is important when hiking in high places.

Apple also said that you’ll get the same 18-hour battery life as the last model, even with the new Blood Oxygen monitor feature.

Here are some of the new Memoji watch faces unveiled by Apple


Here are some of the new Memoji watch faces unveiled by AppleCredit: Apple

Apple Watch Series 6 – new faces and loops

Apple also showed off some new watch faces.

There’s a GMT watch face that shows loads of timezones at once, and a stopwatch face that’s great for runners.

But the most exciting new watch face is the Memoji face, which puts your own animated emoji on your wrist.

Developers can also make their own faces, with examples including faces for surfing or photography.

Apple Watch fans will be pleased to hear there’s a new strap called the Solo Loop.

It comes in silicone and braided styles, and it looks…pretty good?

Apple’s Jeff Williams says it’s the most comfortable strap yet, but we’ll have to test that claim ourselves.


Apple Watch Series 6 release date and price

Apple’s new Series 6 smartwatch is $399 – or £379 in the UK.

You can order it right now, with shipping from Friday, September 18.

And it comes in new colours, included a blue aluminium case and Apple’s ProductRED.

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