PS5 accessories priced – here’s how much the DualSense controller, Pulse 3D headset and more will cost

It’s been one hell of a night for reveals, but thanks to official pricing for PS5 accessories, it’s not over just yet. As per the official PlayStation Blog, we now have prices and a rough release window for the likes of the DualSense controller, the Pulse 3D headset, HD camera, and more.

This info-dump on the cost of PS5 accessories follows hot on the heels of a PlayStation 5 price announcement and the revelation that we can reserve a PS5 pre-order tomorrow. They also seem pretty reasonable, all things considered. For example, the DualSense will set you back $69.99 in the US (we don’t have a UK cost yet, oddly). Meanwhile, the 3D Pulse headset is a surprising $99.99. Considering the fuss Sony has been making about the console’s 3D audio, we were expecting it to be a lot more.