Ole Miss Attempts to Upset Alabama at Vaught-Hemingway

Ole Miss and No. 2 Alabama are less than one hour away from kickoff.

The game was originally postponed 90 minutes by the Southeastern Conference as an attempt to milage the impact of the remnants of Hurricane Delta. To this point, 55 minutes before kickoff, you would never know this was anything other than a mildly drizzly fall night. 

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Winds are calm, the rain is hardly an impact. If anything, the field is wet. You can follow along here for updates and analysis throughout the game. 

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FINAL: Ole Miss 48 – Alabama 63

4th Quarter:

1:09 4Q: Ole Miss 48 – Alabama 63

Najee Harris breaks off a 3rd down touchdown in garbage time, as Alabama needed just one first down to ice the game. 206 yards and 5 touchdowns for Harris is brutal. 

1:29 4Q: Ole Miss 48 – Alabama 56

It seemed like it had been forever since we said Elijah Moore’s name. A shockingly quiet 10 catch game after he catches a 46 yard bomb from Corral. Alabama’s No. 9 was disqualified on the play for targeting. 

Kiffin settles for the FG to make it a one possession game. Smart.

3:16 4Q: Ole Miss 45 – Alabama 56

And there’s the big play for Alabama. A Mac Jones to Jaylen Waddle connection for 45 yards sets them up inside the one. Ole Miss almost got the stop, as double false starts backed up the ‘Bama offense, but a 14 yard DeVonta Smith run got Alabama in.

6:55 4Q: Ole Miss 45 – Alabama 49

Ole miss has to settle for a field goal. Luke Logan hits from 39 yards. Could be the biggest kick of his life.

10:00 4Q: Ole Miss 42 – Alabama 49

Honestly I’m starting to run out of scoring anecdotes. Najee Harris again. 

11:31 4Q: Ole Miss 42 – Alabama 42

John Rhys Plumlee, in at quarterback for the first time, is ruled down at the one inch line setting up a 4th and goal. Snoop Connor’s leap on 4th down scores. 

Career high in yards and touchdowns for Snoop Connor. 

3rd Quarter:

2:39 3Q: Ole Miss 35 – Alabama 42

Ole Miss just can’t stop Alabama in the trenches. Najee Harris scores again. Ole Miss will not win this game if it becomes a bully-ball football game.

6:19 3Q: Ole Miss 35 – Alabama 35

Tell me how this isn’t a ‘whoever has the ball last wins’ game? It’s going to happen. Oh, and Ole Miss is running the ball again. Snoop Connor and Jerrion Ealy both eating – Ealy punches this one in.

10:19 3Q: Ole Miss 28 – Alabama 35

Alabama, on a 3rd & long, gets bailed out by a questionable looking pass interference call on Ole Miss DB Keidron Smith. Tide score three plays later on a play action pass to the tight end. Tough break for the Rebels.

12:47 3Q: Ole Miss 28 – Alabama 28

BIG KENNY!!! Kenny Yeboah strikes again, 68 yard touchdown reception for the tight end. That’s four catches for 143 yards and two touchdowns to this point for Yeboah. 

13:45 3Q: Ole Miss 21 – Alabama 28

Well there’s your Najee Harris drive. Rushes of 35 and 33 on the drive for Harris, including the touchdown. If the Ole Miss defense did one thing well in the first half, it was limiting big plays. Not so far in the third. 

HALFTIME: Ole Miss 21 – Alabama 21

2nd Quarter: 

1:00 2Q: Ole Miss 21 – Alabama 21

Weird drive for the Ole Miss defense. Some decent plays and allowing too many third down conversations. One deep pass from Jones to John Metchie II sets up the Najee Harris touchdown. 

Sam Williams was gingerly to leave the field after the TD. If he’s hurt that’s a massive blow to the Rebel defense. He’s the only one right now that can seem to get home.

3:15 2Q: Ole Miss 21 – Alabama 14

Ole Miss has gone for it, and converted, on two of three touchdown drives. Snoop Connor gets the big bounce-around run to convert the 4th and Kiffin and Co. let him take the ball into the end zone. 

6:51 2Q: Ole Miss 14 – Alabama 14

Rebel defense is still just getting gashed on a play-to-play basis by Alabama, both threw the air and on the ground. Corral and Co. going to have to continue to impress to keep this upset a possibility. 

11:44 2Q: Ole Miss 14 – Alabama 7

Sam Williams gets around the edge and the Ole Miss defense finally got to Mac Jones. Alabama punt travels into the end zone. Huge sack really, pushing Alabama out of field goal range and forcing Saban’s hand into the punt. 

13:31 2Q: Ole Miss 14 – Alabama 7

Jerrion Ealy with a massive run on a 3rd & 27 draw play sets Kiffin up to go for it on 4th down in Alabama territory. Corral hits Ealy on the swing pass to convert. Rebels score one play later.

Lane Kiffin is making offensive football look easy. 

1st Quarter:

2:16 1Q: Ole Miss 7 – Alabama 7

Wow the Ole Miss defense with the dictionary definition of bend don’t break. Getting gashed all the way down the field but force a fumble right at the goal line. Rebel football. Jakorey Hawkins credited with the fumble.

First fumble of Najee Harris’ career. 

6:18 1Q: Ole Miss 7 – Alabama 7

Bad snap turns a 2nd & inches into a 3rd & 19 for Ole Miss in Bama territory. First time the wet field has had an impact and the Rebel punt trickles into the Alabama end zone. 

9:29 1Q: Ole Miss 7 – Alabama 7

Two drives thus far. Two touchdowns. Jaylen Waddle and Elijah Moore are going to combine for 276 catches tonight at this pace. 

14:06 1Q: Ole Miss 7 – Alabama 0

Two plays to Kenny Yeboah and Matt Corral is perfect thus far and Ole Miss is beating Alabama….

Alabama won the toss and deferred. Ole Miss and Matt Corral get the ball first.


Trying to figure out when we call this ‘hurricane’ a fraud.

Jacquez Jones will not be playing today. Still dealing with a concussion suffered in the Kentucky game.

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