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NORWICH, England, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened the energy sector to the transformative potential of digital technology. Inefficient, costly and ineffective manual processes are being overhauled, electrified and integrated into a vastly more connected way of living and working.

In our cover story this month we spoke with Mark Lowman, Vice President of Operations at McDermott, to find out how one of Oil and Gas’ most successful companies is navigating the change.

“When I started, digitalisation was in its infancy in the industry,” he explains. “McDermott was still working in the same way it always had with adequate systems and processes while not fully understanding the benefits of digitalisation. We have created our Digital and Project Innovation Group who are supported by resources across the organisation. This allows us to educate our employees and the leadership as we prepare to evolve to a digital culture. Digital disruption is very likely to upend the way we operate.”

Continuing this theme, we explore the definition of a modern smart city and its potential to power a sustainability revolution. Interested in a broader survey of how digital tech is changing Oil and Gas? Check out our Top 10 list counting down the most pioneering ‘digital oil fields’ operating today.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Jim Walsh from GE Digital and Dale Geach from Siemens discuss the importance of IIoT in a digital strategy, while Anjos Nijk, MD of the European Network for Cyber Security, explains why breaking down data barriers may actually strengthen cybersecurity in energy.



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