How much will a VoIP system cost your business?

1. Headsets with microphones

You can use VoIP software to make and receive phone calls via your computer, tablet or mobile phone – also known, in this context, as softphone devices. This gives you the freedom to simply use the equipment you already have to get going with VoIP.

Having said that, if you’re going to make calls using your computer, using a headset is generally a better idea than relying on your PC’s built-in microphone and speakers.

Using a headset means your calls remain private, and sound quality will ultimately be clearer through it. These factors are especially important if you’re going to have more than one person using the VoIP system at a time.

 Headset prices vary significantly depending on how comfortable they’re designed to be, the quality of sound they transmit, and whether or not they’re wireless.

Generally, you can get a basic headset for around £20, while more advanced varieties can go for over £200 each.

 2. VoIP phones

Of course, if you and your staff would feel more comfortable using phones to take and make calls, that’s also a possibility with VoIP – thanks to dedicated VoIP phones.

VoIP phones – also known as IP phones – look much the same as conventional phones, with a handset, cradle, keypad and caller ID display.

Unlike traditional telephones, however, VoIP phones connect to the internet; either using a Ethernet connector, a built-in modem or wifi. As such, they can make calls using VoIP.

 A low cost VoIP phone will set you back around £30, while models with more functionality can cost up to £100 each. There are plenty of VoIP phone cost options out there, so it’s worth shopping around for the model that suits your business’ needs best.

 3. ATAs (analogue telephone adaptors)

An ATA is a device that plugs into a conventional phone and transforms it into a VoIP phone that’s able to make and receive calls over the internet.

This could be a great option if your office already has conventional phones that you’d rather not see go to waste.

 ATAs can be as affordable as less than £10 each – however, more advanced models can cost up to £50.

 Do you need to improve your broadband connection?

The clarity and reliability of your VoIP calls will rely heavily on how good your internet connection is.

If you’ve got ultra-fast, fibre optic broadband, your call quality is going to be pristine. If your broadband is more unreliable than a London commuter train, it might sound like you’re calling your clients from the bottom of the sea.

This can be a real concern, so if you’ve been suffering with slow internet, it’s worth looking into getting it upgraded before setting up a VoIP telephone system. This, of course, makes for an additional cost. Find out more about the best UK business broadband options today to make sure  you maintain crystal clear call quality.