How mobile marketing cloud technology helps businesses craft personalised and relevant customer communication

Effective marketing is key to attracting customers to your brand.

However, knowing which messages and channels are best for reaching your target audience can be challenging.

One of the most powerful technologies in this space is marketing cloud technology, an innovative and integrated suite of digital marketing tools that can help your team improve customer experience and business performance.

Major benefits

Depending on your software vendor of choice, marketing cloud technology has many capabilities and benefits.

In general, these web-based services make it possible to communicate with your customers across digital platforms, including via the web, email, social media, and mobile messaging channels.

Additionally, marketing cloud technology enables organisations to automate the customer journey in real-time, send targeted content, and tap into impactful data analytics.

Informative and consistent customer data then underpins the best marketing cloud software, allowing businesses to collect demographic and behavioural data from multiple sources and organise these insights on one centralised platform.

By bringing together customer information and interactions, a marketing cloud solution helps organisations form a complete understanding of their customers, their needs, and the ways they interact with brands.

Instead of creating siloed, anonymous users, a marketing cloud converts data into 360-degree, unified customer profiles which can be used to build unique segments and deliver more personalised and meaningful marketing campaigns.

When you understand who your customers are, you can deliver hyper-personalised experiences across the entire customer journey.

Recent research shows that proactively managing and investing in customer experience also increases retention rates, satisfaction, and revenue – driving business success in the long run.

Mobile marketing as a top priority

Using this as a foundation, a mobile marketing cloud goes beyond personalised content and reaches customers where they want to be reached – on their personal mobile devices via SMS, email, WhatsApp and more.

By connecting with your customers on their preferred mobile messaging channels, you’ll be captivating their attention and catering to their needs.

These are two key differentiators that will help your brand and your products or services stand out.

Get an omnichannel solution

Finding an omnichannel cloud platform that also enables commerce on mobile channels offers further advantages.

With payment links integrated into emails, WhatsApp chats and web pages, your customers can seamlessly make purchases.

A marketing cloud is a compelling tool that can help future-proof any business, especially those that put their customers’ needs first.

As customer-centricity becomes increasingly important, using technology that enables us to connect with and serve our customers is critical.

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