Goodhabit Celebrates National Blue Light Awareness Day with Like-Minded Brands to Protect Consumers Against Artificial Blue Light

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Built for the digitally native generation, Goodhabit – the brand that is pioneering the movement in defending skin against artificial blue light – is kicking off National Blue Light Awareness Day (October 10th) by partnering with EyeJust and TwinLab. Together, these brands will raise awareness and spread education to communicate the effects of blue light, and how to stay protected in all aspects of life. The partnership consists of social media campaigns, e-newsletters, and giveaways that will be going live across all channels.

Goodhabit is the brainchild of Mariya Nurislamova, entrepreneur and CEO & Co-Founder of Scentbird, who noticed a change in her skin after the constant screen time involved with her work schedule. In an extremely online world, unplugging simply wasn’t an option, and the skincare options on the market didn’t offer the level of protection to both block blue light and undo its effects. Thus, Goodhabit was born. With help from Vice President of Product Development, Jeniece Trizzino, Goodhabit has stayed one step ahead of blue light damage and the skin stressors of today, with clean, efficacious formulas that advance as the world does. Goodhabit is 100% vegan and clean. Each product is packed with nourishing skin-loving ingredients and formulated with the brand’s proprietary BLU5 technology, which acts as a filter to neutralize and repair the skin from the effects of blue light.

Not-so-fun fact: all digital screens (meaning TVs, Smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and gaming systems), electronic devices, LED and fluorescent lighting emit blue light, which can cause damage similar to that of UVA/UVB rays. According to research, the average American checks their phone over 150 times a day and spends an estimated 12 hours a day in front of screens. Even short exposure (as little as one hour) is enough to induce skin damage, and because of this increase in exposure to various devices, blue light may actually be worse for the skin. While UVA and UVB rays impact the first and second layers of skin, blue light actually penetrates at a deeper level and reaches the third layer. As blue penetrates the skin, reactive oxygen species are generated, which lead to DNA damage – resulting in increased pigment, redness, and premature signs aging such as dullness, discoloration and fine lines.  

“We are thrilled there is a day dedicated to raising awareness and educating people on this fairly new, but very important topic,” said Vice President of Product Development, Jeniece Trizzino. “At Goodhabit, we feel it is vital that consumers understand not only the ways they are exposed to blue light, but also the effects it has on their skin, eyes, and overall well-being, so they will be able to protect themselves (and their skin) from this modern day stressor,” said Trizzino.

Throughout the month, Goodhabit, Twinlab and EyeJust will be sharing a series of educational social posts highlighting the dangers of blue light exposure and ways to prevent prolonged damage. There will be two social giveaways including products from all three brands on October 19th. Additionally, Goodhabit is offering 20% off an entire purchase from their site on October 10th, valid with promo code: BLUELIGHTDAY.

For more information about Goodhabit, please visit or connect on Instagram @goodhabitskin.

About Goodhabit
Goodhabit CEO and Co-Founder Mariya Nurislamova created Goodhabit as a solution to the changes she was experiencing in her skin as a result of constant exposure to digital screens. Little did she know her skin was absorbing blue light, which penetrates at a deeper level than UVA/UVB rays and reaches the third layer of skin, increasing the risk of dullness, discoloration, and fine lines.

Built for the digitally native generation, Goodhabit is pioneering the movement in defending your skin against artificial blue light and modern day skin stressors. The brand is developing clean, conscious and effective skincare solutions that keep you connected, and your skin, protected. Because unplugging isn’t an option, all Goodhabit products are formulated with a proprietary BLU5 technology, which hits the block and undo buttons on blue light and free radicals to reveal your healthiest, most radiant complexion yet.

About Twinlab
Founded in 1968, Twinlab has been a trusted, innovative leader in the dietary supplement industry. Rooted in naturals, Twinlab houses dozens of health and wellness products across several categories (daily nutrition, minerals, digestion, amino acids, sports nutrition, and eye health) that address life’s everyday challenges and help you feel your absolute best.

Embracing the evolving world around us, we want to empower you to take your health into your own hands, and we want to equip you in this self-care revolution. Combining creative innovation that’s ahead of the curve with science-backed ingredients sourced from all over the world, our supplements range from powders and capsules to gummies and drinks that aim to create meaningful change in your life.

About EyeJust
Founder Gigi Mortimer developed EyeJust because her son couldn’t sleep and when she realized it was related to late night tablet viewing, she set out to find a solution to cut blue light at the source. Easy to apply, EyeJust is the first line of defense with blue light blocking technology embedded in the screen protector. As tested by doctors at UC Irvine, EyeJust blocks more blue light than any other screen protector or filter on the market. There is no need to wear cumbersome glasses or opt for orange tinted software. EyeJust is the simple solution for 24/7 blue light protection.

SOURCE Goodhabit

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