Fact Check: Xochitl Torres Small on the environment, oil and gas industry

You know what standing up for New Mexico looks like? This. Too many in Washington don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into fueling our economy, but Xochitl does. This industry pays for 39% of our state’s revenue. That’s why I spoke up for New Mexico and stood up to members of my own party who want to ban fracking because if you shut down drilling today, you’ll be shuttering our schools tomorrow. Well, not on my watch. I’m Xochtil Torres Small and I approve this message. 

Fact Check

While Torres Small has been on the record since as early as February opposing the Green New Deal, KOB 4 can’t make a determination about the claims in her ad because, so far, it’s untested. 


Doctor Lonna Atkeson, a political science professor at UNM, said Torres small has actually been put on the “bad list” of Democrats in the House who won’t support the Green New Deal as stated by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ad by National Republican Congressional Committee:

Radical environmentalists are on a mission to destroy New Mexico’s energy jobs to pass their socialist Green New Deal to elect Xochitl Torres Small. Torres Small lined her pockets with their money, over $175,000. Who will stand up to Torres Small and the liberal mob? Yvette Herrell. Herrell is on a mission to save jobs. Herrell will fight the socialist Green New Deal and protect jobs. Vote jobs. Vote Yvette Herrell. The NRCC is responsible for the content of this advertising. 

Fact Check

The ad claims Torres Small lined her pockets with $175,000 from “radicals.” KOB 4 has deemed that statement as misleading.

The ad claims the money is coming from so-called radicals but provides no specifics.


The fine print in the RNCC ad cites the federal election commission which tracks campaign contributions. 

“It sounds to me like she’s taking fraudulent dollars from people,” Atkeson said. “I think they’re talking about campaign dollars”

“It just seems like a statement with no meaning,” Atkeson added.

Ultimately, if Torres Small re-elected, only future votes will be able to verify her position on both the environment and New Mexico’s energy industry.