Boy Genius Report: iTunes Cloud and Wireless Sync Coming & Hints at New Camcorder/Camera Devices

The Boy Genius Report just got a pretty interesting scoop concerning iTunes cloud services. Laid out:

1.) Streaming music and movies from Apple’s servers to your computers, devices, etc.

2.) Streaming music and movies from your home computers to your other computers, remote devices, etc.

3.) Wireless iTunes syncing with devices

I’m very excited for all three. I was trying to pick one, but all three are just too awesome.

Boy Genius reports:

For the first point, we have been told that this will work pretty much like you’d expect it to… pretty much any Apple device with wireless capability will have te ability to stream purchased content directly from Apple’s servers, thus eliminating the need for a lot of local storage. With the second point, Apple will reportedly let you be the content distributor to your own computers and devices, as any purchased content that’s locally on your computer will be able to be streamed using your internet connection out to your devices. Lastly, yes, wireless syncing of iTunes for devices.

Everything will work seamlessly if the device is supported. This doesn’t include just iTunes either: your calendar, notes, and other items of importance will be automatically synced as well. But finally, BGR reports,

Apple’s traditional fall event (or maybe even before it) should bring at least “two new devices with camera/camcorder capabilities.

We’re probably getting an iPod touch with a camera/camcorder, but what about that second device? Will the nano finally be able to snap pictures? We’ll see!

[via Boy Genius Report]