4 Recommendations to Enable Businesswomen to Invest in Technology Sector

The Women 20, a G20 engagement group that seeks to foster gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, stressed the importance of four recommendations that would enable women to activate their economic role and enhance businesswomen’s interest in varying their investments in the technology sector.

The W20 recommended a package of policies that would facilitate comprehensive economic recovery for both genders, to be adopted by the G20 leaders and ministers of labor and employment during their upcoming meetings.

The Group underlined the need to adopt plans that include paid leave for parents to encourage shared responsibility for childcare and improve the balance between work and life in general, while emphasizing the need to increase women’s investment in education and vocational training programs.

The W20 also called on the G20 group to promote policies that encourage bridging the gender gaps in income, wages and retirement pensions, in line with the sustainable development goals, stressing the need to apply increased social protection measures for women working in the informal sector and ensure coverage and compensation for all forms of work.

The ministers of labor and employment in the G20 countries had recently discussed in a virtual meeting “the recent developments of the global economy and the labor market, and the means to advance work towards empowering people and achieving the opportunities of the 21st century for all.”

The ministers recognized the vital role of women in achieving a complete economic recovery, noting that the inclusion of women “constitutes one of the engines of recovery from the current crisis.”

They also expressed their support to the adoption of comprehensive and robust social protection systems, with a commitment to addressing inequality, including gender disparity.

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