This Charging Station Takes Care of Both an Electric Car and Your Mental Battery

Charging stations for electric cars are becoming more common these days as this zero-emissions means of transportation is gaining traction, and an architecture studio has come up with a design that’s aimed not only at EVs, but also at drivers themselves.

With the first charging stations now available in Denmark as part of a project that’s supposed to bring a network of 48 such locations to Scandinavian highways, the new design relies on light wooden canopy modules that are mixed with areas of urban nature.

The purpose is to give us a break from driving while waiting for the car to recharge, essentially providing drivers and passengers with a relaxing green oasis that doesn’t remind of a typical gas station.

The new stations are built by a company called Cobe and use local trees and plants combined with a series of other new-generation themes, including a full green roof.

The green roof of the canopy is prepared for heavy cloudbursts, as it is designed to retain water and fitted with downspouts that lead the water to natural green seepage areas,” Cobe explains.

The two innovative charging stations are located in Fredericia, Denmark, and were announced this week after the company previously completed a pilot program in 2019.

One of the best things about the new charging station design is that it’s fully modular, which means that it can be easily modified according to the needs of every client and the available space. For example, the designers explain that one tree “can easily be multiplied to become a forest,” so the bigger the station, the more plants would be added for a relaxing experience.

Traditionally, the gas station has been dominated by hardscape asphalt surfaces. The clean charging technology offers an unprecedented potential for a much cleaner environment as there are no toxic fumes or oil leaking onto the paving,” the company explains in an announcement.