US Tech Sector Employment Rebounds in August, CompTIA Analysis Reveals

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. technology employment in August continued its up-and-down trend that has characterized much of 2020, according to an analysis by CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the global technology industry and workforce.

Reversing a stretch of several down months, technology companies returned to hiring by adding an estimated 9,200 net new workers, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation report. (#JobsReport)

Conversely, after a strong start to the year, information technology (IT) occupations with employers across all sectors of the economy experienced a second consecutive month of losses with a net decline of 323,000 positions. On the year, IT occupations had positive gains in five months, offset by losses in three months, resulting in a net positive of 271,000 new jobs through August.

“On the tech industry employment side, it’s encouraging to see

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Stay-at-Home Tech Stocks Rally as Reopening Plays Slump

Tech stocks are holding up relatively well during today’s market selloff, and quite a few of the names seen as winners in the current environment are actually rallying.

a street sign in front of a building: Stay-at-Home Tech Stocks Rally as Reopening Plays Slump

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Stay-at-Home Tech Stocks Rally as Reopening Plays Slump

While the Dow and the S&P 500 at this writing are down 2.8% and 2.2% respectively, the Nasdaq Composite is down 1.3%.


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And the Nasdaq 100 index, the weighting of which skews heavily toward big-cap tech companies, is down just 0.9%.

Worries about a recent spike in global covid-19 cases and related concern about the virus’s economic impact in the coming months are apparently weighing on equity markets today.

Against that backdrop, many investors are once more treating companies whose products and services help consumers work, learn and/or entertain themselves remotely like safe havens — despite the high valuations many of them carry.

Zoom Video Communications is up 6.1%, Fastly

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In a coal mine where Methane gas is likely to be present, it is tested with the help of a flame safety lamp in two ways.

  1. ACCUMULATION TEST (to determine the presence of methane)
  2. PERCENTAGE TEST (to determine the percentage of methane )


The purpose of this is to ascertain if there is any accumulation of gas in places where it may be suspected or is likely to accumulate. In a mine, If the mining sardar finds accumulation of gas in any place, he has to report the matter to the overman who should take steps for determining its percentage and its removal.

To test the accumulation, Switch off the cap lamp, raise the flame safety lamp cautiously with normal size of flame, or the flame is slightly reduced, and watch its behavior,if it elongates i.e.if it spires or jumps,the percentage of gas can be taken as nearly

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The 2020 tech stock boom is nothing like the dot-com bubble of 2000, and the sector is set to keep on rising, JPMorgan says


  • Technology stocks have seen unprecedented gains in recent months, leading some to speculate that a bubble like that seen in the late 1990s might be inflating.
  • That’s not the case, however, and tech’s recent rally is set to continue, according to analysts at JPMorgan.
  • In a note Monday, they said: “In contrast to the dot-com bubble, the current rally has been supported by strong earnings delivery.” 
  • It noted tech price-to-earnings ratios are not stretched, a sign that the sector’s fundamentals remain strong.
  • The bank stayed overweight on tech stocks, meaning it recommends investors buy.
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Technology stocks have seen unprecedented gains in recent months, leading some to speculate that a bubble like that seen in the late 1990s might be inflating.

That’s not the case, however, and tech’s recent rally is set to continue, according to analysts at JPMorgan.

In a

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Kitchen gadgets, tech gear, and more on sale already at Black Friday prices

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

Cyber Monday has come early this year.
Cyber Monday has come early this year.

Image: revol

There are still three more months of 2020, which means you have around 100 days to make it a better year. There is hope for us yet. Step one — treat yourself.

For one weekend only, you can slash an extra 20% off these gadgets and gizmos because why the hell not have a huge sale in September? There are deals on kitchen appliances, phone and computer accessories, sanitizing equipment, and more. Just use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout to knock down the price. 

Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics and Bluetooth

With fingerprint authentication and integrated Bluetooth, this wallet doesn’t just hold your money and cards — it ensures they’re

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How cops took cue from West, used new tech in riots conspiracy probe | Delhi News

New Delhi: The chargesheet filed in the February riots conspiracy is not only the biggest one volume-wise, but also reportedly based on new scientific investigation techniques used by Delhi Police. Given the sensitivity and the complexity of the case, it is learnt that investigators used additional technological tools, other than the usual call details records analysis, etc.
For example, an experiment was conducted with Internet Protocol Details Records analysis, often used by police forces in the West nowadays. This is the study of internet traffic from smartphones that establishes communication between two entities through VoIP calls, etc. This came in handy as many accused were communicating through calls and chats on apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.
“We also used software for facial reconstruction to identify burnt bodies by superimposing skulls on the photograph of victims,” an investigator said. Police also used technology to follow the money trail, a source told
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Touchstone Research launches Secure Content Testing Watermarking Tech for Market Research Studies – Press Release

Connecticut – Touchstone Research has launched its proprietary visual and forensic watermarking solution for protecting client content in marketing research and consumer insights studies, Secure Content Testing (SCT).

SCT works by applying a unique visual and forensic watermark to content being tested within an online research study. The watermarks are non-removable and can be used to tie the content back to the research participant serving as a high-level deterrent to unauthorized sharing.

Secure Content Testing (SCT) works across smartphones, tablets, and computers and across a range of content including video, images, storyboards, animatics, concepts, and documents.

“Now more than ever our clients require the ability to test content & intellectual property online, however, this must be done in a way that can give them peace of mind that their content will not be compromised or leaked. Our secure content testing technology solves this need by providing the highest level of

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Female Founders Report Pervasive Investment Inequities In Plant-Based Food Tech Sector

The Vegan Women Summit™ survey polled 160 women founders and top executives at plant-based and cell-based food startups around the world in July and August. In a key finding, 48% of respondents say they have faced bias during the fundraising process, with 75% of those women saying they have faced gender bias specifically.

“It’s incredibly disappointing to hear that gender and racial bias continue to have such a significant effect on investment in innovation in such a strong emerging market,” said Jennifer Stojkovic, founder of Vegan Women Summit™. “Women entrepreneurs in food tech are dealing with the same obstacles that women leaders, particularly women of color, have faced in Silicon Valley for decades. But information is power. While these survey results call attention to the disparities in the food tech industry, the numbers also reveal major opportunities for strategic investment.”

Despite the barriers facing these women leaders, the survey

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PinterEC Continues Its Support for Growth of High Tech Companies amid COVID-19 – Press Release

While tech companies are finding difficulties developing new products during the coronavirus pandemic, PinterEC has provided them the support they were looking for.

Despite the recent economic turmoil due to Covid-19, PinterEC has announced that it continues to collaborate with local startups and ventures to improve their business outlook. PinterEC offers unique services that help startup businesses with early research and development. Further, the business invests in potential opportunities as well as aligns new ventures with potential investors. One of the biggest advantages of PinterEC is that it facilitates investors with credible insights about potential business opportunities.

Given current circumstances where businesses are hesitant to invest in new ventures, companies such as PinterEC offer a sense of security, while promising financial growth to both the startup and the investors. An executive from the company reportedly said, “During times such as these, our company stands tall and continue to pave the

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‘Poor’ state communication clouded Utah’s no-bid COVID-19 tech contracts, report says

SALT LAKE CITY — Poor communication between state departments and a lack of collaboration with health officials compounded issues around a pair of controversial, multimillion-dollar coronavirus contracts with tech companies, according to a limited legislative review released Tuesday.

The review by legislative auditors found that of the more than $97.3 million state agencies doled out in emergency spending to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic from March to July, many contracts were “executed without significant concerns.” But two contracts “would have benefitted from better communication, collaboration, and direction if all relevant state entities were included in decisions.”

Those contracts include the over $4 million partnership with Twenty Labs on the Healthy Together App, and the $9.6 million partnership with Nomi Utah on the TestUtah initiative.

“What we found is there was really a need for greater collaboration,” legislative auditor general Kade Minchey told lawmakers on the Legislative Audit Subcommittee. “We understand

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