‘Something as small as a seed can spark the imagination.’ New Dayton Art Institute photography exhibition opens

The Dayton Art Institute’s latest Focus Exhibition, “Archiving Eden: Dornith Doherty Photographs,” is on view.

a graffiti covered wall: Dayton

© Provided by Dayton.com

Photographer Dornith Doherty traveled the world documenting seed banks and preservation efforts in the face of climate change and decreased agricultural diversity.

a glass display case: Dornith Doherty, Açaí Research, EMPRABA, Brazil, 2012, archival pigment print. Courtesy of the artist, Moody Gallery, Houston; and Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

© Dornith Doherty
Dornith Doherty, Açaí Research, EMPRABA, Brazil, 2012, archival pigment print. Courtesy of the artist, Moody Gallery, Houston; and Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, Doherty’s photographic series considers the philosophical and ecological issues surrounding the role of science and human action in relation to gene banking, according to a DAI release.

The exhibition includes 22 large-scale photographs created with X-ray photographs, composite images and lenticular panels.

Own your own piece of art history and benefit the Dayton Art Institute

“These beautiful images demonstrate our intertwined relation with nature and how something as small as a seed can

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How lifestyle photography has become a major profession in India

Photography in India has undergone an amazing metamorphosis in the last few years.

Until a few years ago wedding photography was the only viable career option in India. However, with the significant growth of the media and print industry, photography is becoming one of the most lucrative professions.


Lifestyle photography is trending in India.

It’s a flourishing industry, as every newspaper, magazine and digital platform needs a good photographer. This is a career choice worth exploring. With an ever-growing social media market, photography has branched out into several streams, each producing numerous jobs.

Among different genres of photography, lifestyle photography is a recent trend.

What is Lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography captures everyday life and chronicles them with an artistic twist. Social media platforms have evolved into an open diary, as people document their everyday lives and showcase their social status, activities, clothing, possessions, and life principles.

The popularity

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Emily Matview’s photography translates front-row punk show mayhem into visual poetry

Emily Matview has been taking photos of bands as long as she’s been going to punk shows, and that’s nearly her whole life.

In 2011, Matview founded the local website Punks in Vegas, a community resource dedicated to everything happening in the Valley’s punk music scene. As Matview began writing about shows, she started photographing them, too, turning a hobby into a full-time commitment. Matview has been capturing the essence of the punk scene—from its unbridled energy to its deep-seated camaraderie—ever since.

The Wonder Years at Warped Tour

The Wonder Years at Warped Tour

Opening September 17 at the Whitney Library Gallery, Explosion of Silence marks Matview’s first solo exhibition and features her own music photography over the nine-year lifetime of Punks in Vegas.

“I’ve always been interested in music,” Matview says. “I can’t play an instrument, I can’t sing, but I’ve always had all this creative energy, so combining those

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In-flight photography allowed, prohibition on recording that leads to chaos, clarifies DGCA

© Provided by Hindustan Times

Passengers on board commercial flights will be allowed to do photography inside the flight, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) clarified on Sunday adding that the prohibition is only for recording equipment which compromises air safety, creates chaos and violates norms.

“It is clarified that a bonafide passenger travelling in an aircraft engaged in scheduled air transport services may do still and video photography from inside such an aircraft while in flight, take off and landing… however, this permission does not include use of recording equipment which imperils or compromises air safety; violates prevalent norms; creates chaos or disruption during operation of flight or expressly prohibited by crew,” the clarification said.

The clarification comes a day after the aviation regulator issued an order for commercial flights stating that violations of in-flight norms, including photography, will invite a suspension of that scheduled route for two

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San Francisco Artist Christopher C. Lee Captures Swarovski’s Power Collection Through Photography – Press Release

UNITED STATES – September 16, 2020 – Christopher C. Lee (www.chrisclee.com), owner of San Francisco photo & film production studio Photomochi (www.photomochi.com) and fashion label Troo Wear (www.troowear.com), collaborates with famed crystal jewelry brand Swarovski during their Power Collection presentation at Westfield Valley Fair. A dazzling performance by their dancers was preserved in photos by Christopher for their promotion. Photomochi, as well as Christopher himself, continues to team up with numerous fashion brands internationally to market their clothing and accessories, from custom-tailored eyewear with Topology, to bold lingerie apparel with Honey Birdette.

Photomochi not only serves as a powerful creative space for Christopher’s productions and avant-grade projects, but also as a grounds for business networking solutions with industry partners and to provide support for local artists and creative professionals.

An endlessly creative persona from the inside out, Chris remains true to his craft by firmly believing in the emotion and

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10 reasons you MUST visit the UK’s biggest photography and video show

The Photography Show

© Provided by T3
The Photography Show

The Photography Show & The Video Show Virtual Festival is nearly here (20 and 21 September), and we can’t wait to bring the community together again online for two days of creativity, innovation and plenty of kit.

If you’re not already signed for the free online event, or your still on the fence, here are ten reasons we think you should virtually attend:

1. Chat to experts

Talk one-to-one with specialists from your favourite brands, whether you’re looking to buy, explore new gear or want to find out more about what you already own– just navigate to a stand and click ‘CHAT’.

2. The newest kit in action

See recently launched kit from a different angle – including a first look at a new concept by Sony and the brand new Fujifilm lens at the Burst Mode Hub, plus a demo of the

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Learning to Celebrate Blackness With Photography

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In a recent conversation on Facebook, a friend of mine, who is white, noted that he did not see his racial identity as part of himself when growing up. His parents were careful to encourage a “colorblind” point of view. I’ve heard this often—the phrase “I don’t see color” is articulated as a source of pride. It wasn’t until I read my friend’s message that I was taken aback by my own self-reflection: I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t hyperaware of my Blackness. The experience of being colorblind in the context of race is a privilege and one that I can likely never know. My Blackness is omnipresent. It is with me while casually browsing in a store, while navigating the New York City dating scene (a roller coaster we do not

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Kuala Lumpur through KL20X20 Photography Project exhibition in eight locations around city

a group of people in a room: Daniel Adam's 'An Illuminated Road' photography series for KL20X20 at Rex KL.. — Picture courtesy of All Is Amazing

© Provided by Malay Mail
Daniel Adam’s ‘An Illuminated Road’ photography series for KL20X20 at Rex KL.. — Picture courtesy of All Is Amazing

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 — Look at Kuala Lumpur through a different perspective at the KL20X20 Photography Project which is happening till September 20. It started on September 10.

According to the KL20X20 co-founder, Nadirah Zakariya, KL20X20 aims to celebrate the iconic city of Kuala Lumpur, photography and local creatives.

The KL20X20 features 18 projects by 18 Malaysia based photographers which are exhibited across eight different locations around the city centre.

“KL20X20 was founded by myself and Steven Lee who is also the founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards.

“As we begin a new year and enter a new decade, we would like to memorialise a vision of Kuala Lumpur with a new long term project called KL20X20.”

“The aim of KL20X20 is to celebrate

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Five shows to catch at the international photography festival Kyotographie 2020

Kyotographie is a series of photography exhibitions set in different locations across the city of Kyoto, featuring a wide array works by internationally renowned photographers. The exhibition takes advantage of Kyoto’s most compelling spaces, from former printing plants to heritage temples, which serve as the perfect setting for the stunning installations. 

While the annual festival normally takes place in spring, Kyotographie was postponed for several months due to the coronavirus. Finally, it’s set to begin on September 19 and will run until October 18. Some of the exhibitions are free while others require a paid ticket. Or you can grab a passport ticket for ¥3,500, which grants you access to all the festival exhibitions and programmes. Out of the 16 events, here are five you should not miss.


Wing Shya


Photo: Courtesy of Wing Shya


Wing Shya 

Revered for his work with Wong Kar-Wai on critically acclaimed films such as

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: the Hilarious Winners

There hasn’t been a lot to lol about in 2020 so far, so if you’re in need of a little light relief, send your peepers this way. 

While the human population of the planet has had a pretty rough go of it recently, some parts of the animal kingdom have actually had a pretty great year. Remember those rampaging goats, the lions snoozing on silent tarmac or the whales that suddenly had stretches of the ocean to themselves? 

They provided the good news stories we needed at the start of lockdown, and now animals are back to cheer us up once more. 

This lot are the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020: a global, online and free to enter photography competition which attracts the funniest images of wildlife around the world. It aims to ‘highlight the extremely important message of wildlife conservation in an engaging and positive way’

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