Apple just expanded the reach of its iPhone health records feature

Apple’s Heath Records feature, which allows iPhone users to download their medical records to their smartphones, is now available in the UK and is being used by two hospital trusts.

The feature, part of Apple’s Health app, gives iPhone users the ability to request and download their electronic health records as stored by hospitals using a direct, encrypted connection between their iPhones and the system used by the clinic. The Health app then periodically connects to pull across any new health records and notify users when new records are available.

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Currently in the US over 500 institutions support the Health Records feature on the iPhone across 11,000 locations.

In many cases, patients’ medical records are held in multiple locations, requiring patients to log in to each healthcare provider’s website to piece together their health information manually.


Image: Apple

The Health Records

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How to change or remove the locations saved to your iPhone through Apple’s ‘Significant Locations’ feature

a close up of a phone: You can change your Significant Locations easily. Crystal Cox/Business Insider

© Crystal Cox/Business Insider
You can change your Significant Locations easily. Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • To change your iPhone’s “Significant Locations” settings, you’ll need to head to the Privacy menu in your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • The Significant Locations feature on your iPhone tracks and saves locations you frequently visit, in order to personalize apps like Calendar, Maps and Photos.
  • Deleting and changing your Significant Locations data can allow the iPhone location service to reassign your favorite locations more accurately. 
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Apple’s “Significant Locations” service is often helpful no matter how you travel, or how far. The smartphone tool is designed to provide a saved location as a starting point for Apple Maps, giving you driving times and directions, reliable walking routes, or an automatic pickup spot for your rideshare.


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In theory, this saves you the hassle of having to type

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Gears Tactics Will Feature New Content On Xbox Series X And S

Gears Tactics launched earlier this year on PC, and it’s finally heading to Xbox Series X and Series S when the two consoles launch later this year, along with a host of gameplay and content additions.

The new content will introduce Jack to the squad, who you will likely recognize as the cloaking robot companion to Marcus Fenix and co. in the original trilogy of games. Jack won’t be around to rip open doors this time, giving you numerous new commands to use in combat, including area of effect skills and the ability to control enemy units.

The Coalition is also adding new Deviant enemies to the game, which should help its longevity by providing additional challenges to players seeking them. These enemies will be more cunning and quick to react to your strategies, but also reward players with new high-level gear to make the demanding combat worthwhile. These content

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I wish my iPhone had this amazing and useful feature

My daily driver smartphone is an iPhone, and while the iPhone has a great camera, and has an app and hardware ecosystem that is second to none, it’s missing a truly useful feature. A feature that I have to turn to Android to satisfy.

A FLIR thermal camera.

Now sure, I could turn to a dedicated FLIR unit such as the FLIR TG165-X (spoilers, I own one) or a FLIR camera that hooks up to the Lightning port of my iPhone, such as the FLIR ONE PRO (spoilers, I owned one but it was a pain to use when the iPhone was in a case), but none are as portable and convenient as having a thermal camera built into a smartphone.

While FLIR Lepton thermal cameras are built into a number of smartphones, the new Ulefone Armor 9 is the cheapest by far.

It’s also the world’s first Android 10

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Continue Reading adds Pro SEO services and Online Store products to feature list

The Group has announced a range of professional services for its website building and web hosting platform,

The new features include Pro Website and Pro SEO services aimed at small business owners who lack the expertise and time to develop a professional site independently. 

The Pro Website services include a bespoke web design tool with in-house designers, a Pro Online Store feature that includes advanced e-commerce functions, and high-end support. Pro Website also enables customers to utilize designers to upgrade an existing site so there’s no need to start from scratch if you already have the basic architecture in place.’s Pro SEO service enables users to develop and implement SEO strategies with ease. All SEO tasks are completed by SEO specialists from Group’s Online Marketing Team so business owners require no prior knowledge of the subject. 

Other features include a Pro Business Directory, on-

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Microsoft sheds light on Edge’s upcoming Sleeping Tabs feature

Recently we reported that Microsoft is working on a new feature that will allow users to put inactive tabs to sleep to save resources. Called ‘Sleeping Tabs’, the feature was recently added to Microsoft Edge Canary as well.

Now, Microsoft has published its preliminary findings that show the benefits of using Sleeping Tabs to conserve resources. According to the company’s internal testing, Sleeping Tabs showed a median memory usage reduction of 26% while using Microsoft Edge.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft’s testing also registered a 29% increase in CPU usage by normal background tabs when compared to Sleeping Tabs. These results will of course vary depending on the hardware but Microsoft is confident that it will help reduce resource and battery consumption.

Source: Microsoft

The company noted that the feature is built on Chromium’s ‘freezing’ technology that pauses scripts to free up resources. Microsoft’s version of Chromium’s freezing technology puts the tabs

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