Facebook Gaming looks to give content creators music options for streams

Facebook Gaming streamers don’t need to worry about whether they’ll get slapped with a DMCA for playing copyrighted music in the background of their stream, the platform announced today.

In a blog post, Facebook Gaming said it’s worked out deals with numerous music labels, including Universal, Warner, Sony, Kobalt, and BMG, among others. While details of those agreements are confidential, Facebook is boasting that most popular music across a plethora of genres will be usable. 

To start, the platform is going to hook up Facebook Gaming partners with the feature. But it expects to give “Level Up” creators, the lower tier streamers, access soon. 

Facebook’s move toward getting gamers access to licensed music comes shortly after many streamers, primarily from Twitch, were given DMCA notices for playing background music on their streams earlier this summer. 

Since the issue arose, causing mass panic from online content creators, many streamers have avoided

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The Source |Black Owned Music Tech Startup Indie is Revolutionizing the Way Entertainment Brands and Content Creators Interact

NYC-based Indie is a new music discovery and fan engagement app bridging the gap between independent artists, big name brands, and listeners. In the music industry, it is far too common for valuable opportunities to be guarded by gatekeepers and held out of reach of talented independent artists. Indie is addressing this opportunity gap with a revolutionary platform that uses conversational commerce to give up and coming artists and content creators the chance to get their content seen by big name brands – through an easy-to-use, multidirectional marketplace that facilitates content submissions, audience feedback, and brand engagement. 

Indie has something for everybody.  Creators get a new outlet for their content and a chance to win meaningful prizes, brands increase their engagement and receive a stream of audience-curated content, and listeners get the chance to provide feedback while getting paid for their opinion. With the focus initially on hip hop and

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The Big Ten Misinformation Campaign By ‘Content Creators’ Needs To End

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — I have seen enough to know that I have seen enough.

From a self-proclaimed Ohio “content creator” who identifies himself by the name “Sir Yacht” to a recent report out of Michigan citing unnamed sources by saying “what I’m told” that begins with the lede “A Little Birdie tells me” and to a former ESPN SportsCenter anchor citing unnamed sources on his syndicated radio show, enough is enough.

Folks who genuinely care about the Big Ten Conference athletics product and its 14 member institutions have every right to be frustrated right now but assuredly part of that anger should be directed at a misinformation campaign that is producing information these folks can’t possibly trust.

The parents of Big Ten football players have executed a rightful defense of their son by writing letters and protesting the decision made by the Big Ten Conference on Aug. 10. I don’t

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What does the ban on Fortnite mobile mean for content creators?

On Aug. 13, the Fortnite mobile community rode through a roller coaster of emotions. As part of the Mega Drop event, V-Buck prices dropped by 20 percent on Apple and Android devices. 

To do this, Epic Games gave mobile players two ways of making payments: one through the App Store, and the other directly through Epic. Apple and Google take 30 percent of all in-game sales, and bypassing this gave Epic the chance to significantly reduce prices. 

What erupted from this was a fully fledged court battle between the tech giants. Apple and Google quickly removed the game from their respective stores for violating their guidelines regarding in-app payments. Epic immediately responded with a #FreeFortnite hashtag trend and filed lawsuits against both companies. 

Image via Epic Games

There was some relief for players on Android devices, however. Even though the game is not available in the Google Play Store,

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Fambase Launches A Secure And Innovative Social Network For Content Creators To Generate Revenue

Anyone can sign up on the platform, invite fans, and start engaging them with exciting content. Fambase comes with exciting features that make them different from other platforms

Tallinn, Estonia – Content creators make the world go round. Unfortunately, most of the platforms today don’t offer enough opportunities for monetization and rewards for creators. 

Fambase is proud to announce its social network, which offers fantastic opportunities to create content and generate revenue. The platform is secure and safe to use, and creators will reach more people and build a fan base for their work. 

Tallinn, Estonia is the place where the business registered. Fambase is for new & struggling creators and small brands. They are the Uber and Soundcloud of social network. 

To learn more, please visit their website at https://fambase.cc/.  

Fambase brings a fresh idea to the concept of social networking and the sharing of ideas and content. The

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