Video shows A Shreveport woman’s encounter with the police during a traffic stop in January 2020.


January 16 was, at first, a usual night for Shreveport resident, Tamara, as she returned home from work. At least until she was stopped by Shreveport police officers for a traffic violation that resulted in an interaction in which she was tased and tackled.

Tamara, who requested that her last name not be used in print, spoke with The Times about that night’s events. A copy of the video was also obtained through her attorney, Christopher Hatch.

Tamara was reportedly stopped because her vehicle’s tag lights were out. Before the end of the night, she was charged with improper display of a tag, resisting and flight from an officer. 

In the video, the patrol car turns onto a road until it is behind Tamara’s vehicle, which is waiting in line at a