America’s shameful history of sterilizing women

Earlier this week, a whistle-blower complaint alleged that a gynecologist has been performing hysterectomies at a disturbingly high rate at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Georgia. The allegations have not been substantiated, but the whistle-blower suggested that many of these surgeries may have proceeded without the informed consent of the women receiving them. The complaint has drawn the attention of top congressional lawmakers, 170 of whom have called for an investigation by the Homeland Security inspector general, and renewed calls to abolish ICE. At this point, these are only allegations, and ICE denies them, as does the prison operator.

Regardless of what actually happened at the Georgia detention center, America has a long and shameful history of sterilizing women — and sometimes men — without their consent. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Americans grew infatuated with the American eugenics movement, which sought to

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Cyber Risks Are Top of Mind Throughout the Power Sector

The electric power sector in the United States has a long history of facing threats to our infrastructure—whether they are natural or man‐made. While cyberthreats are indeed much more complex, particularly when you consider that some of our cyber adversaries are nation states, the industry has a strong foundation of preparedness, resilience, and response. Though much progress has been made, we recognize that the capability of cyber adversaries continues to evolve at a rapid pace and that requires a more strategic approach to this threat.

The electric power sector established the CEO‐led Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC) to tackle strategic, policy, and operational/tactical efforts to prepare for and respond to all threats facing the sector. The ESCC includes representation from utilities of all sizes and accomplishes its objectives of collective defense, collective response, and preparedness and resilience through close coordination at senior levels within the federal government, such as the

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Gulf Today wins gold for website design and brand development


Gulf Today gets the Best External Stakeholder Relations award in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Transform Awards Middle East and Africa continues celebrating the transformative power of branding and rebranding across the region in its seventh year.

This year, Gulf Today’s website won the Best External Stakeholder Relations award during a brand development project. It bagged the Gold gong along with its developer Omnia for its website design.

Gulf Today also won the Bronze for “Best visual identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector” at the Transform Awards Middle East and Africa held on Tuesday at the V Hotel in Al Habtoor City, Dubai.

Gulf Today is one of the oldest newspapers in the UAE.

Along with a skilled Gulf Today team, led by Editor In Chief and author, Aysha Taryam, Omnia rendered a full digital transformation to its website.

Omnia rebuilt the Gulf Today website on Sitecore,

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Hutch Kitchen offers cutting-edge accessories for cooks

a woman posing for a picture: Dannie and Iris Wong at their Hutch Kitchen showroom in southeast Calgary.

© Provided by Calgary Herald
Dannie and Iris Wong at their Hutch Kitchen showroom in southeast Calgary.

A lunch at the Hutch Café, on the corner of 1 st Avenue and 7 th Street S.W., not only provides a delightful meal of contemporary French-inspired cuisine, it also shows off a selection of beautifully designed products its sister company, Hutch Kitchen, has brought to Calgary.

Company president Iris Wong came to Calgary from Hong Kong to attend high school at Ernest Manning. Returning to Hong Kong, she married Dannie Wong, chairman of Hutch Kitchen that has a huge design and manufacturing plant in Xinxing on the Chinese mainland.

Dannie is an accomplished designer who opened his plant 30 years ago and has focused on sales of its products throughout Europe. After several visits to trade shows, Hutch became recognized for its superior designs and high quality.

Today, Hutch kitchenware is sold

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Women collect, refurbish old computers so students can use for virtual learning

As schools across the country start the school year via distanced learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, some students are without the item they need most: a computer.

More than two dozen schools and districts in 15 different states are facing significant delays on laptop orders due to surging demand, according to an investigation by The Associated Press.

MORE: Students face laptop shortage as virtual schooling begins

The alarming need — which can lead to students starting the school year at a disadvantage — has led everyday citizens to step up and try to fill the shortage.

Darla Purce, a mom of two in Houston, Texas, has refurbished more than two dozen laptops and counting for students in her area.

It all started when a neighbor asked if her 12-year-old son would like his old desktop computer for the school year. Purce said her son did not need it, but

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iOS 14 bug reverts the default app choice to Safari and Mail if your iPhone reboots

Apple has released the latest version of its smartphone operation system – iOS 14 – for all compatible iPhones via the stable channel. It brings a ton of new features such as customizable widgets, a new App Library that automatically sorts and categorizes apps, a compact and less-intrusive UI for calls, picture-in-picture support for video calls, the ability to pin conversations, and a lot more. But one of the most notable features was the ability to set third-party apps as your default web browser and email app.

This means you no longer have to stick with Apple’s own Mail and Browser app for opening a web link or an email. Instead, you can set Microsoft’s Edge or Google’s Chrome as the default browser, and Microsoft’s Outlook or Google’s Gmail as your go-to email app. Apple has already made the change on its end, but developers have to update their respective

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Keysight (KEYS) to Gain From Momentum in Software Offerings

Keysight Technologies, Inc. KEYS recently unveiled cloud-based distributed network performance and security test software — CyPerf.

CyPerf identifies loopholes in security and network performance, and offers enhanced visibility into the comprehensive application delivery process across hybrid networks.

This enables network security tool vendors to replicate their customers’ architecture to reduce time-to-market and boost business.

The latest CyPerf software accelerates SD-WAN and cloud migration by obtaining the optimal balance between network security and digital user experience.

The company’s CyPerf’s web-based graphical user interface (GUI) aids users to interact and visualize various network elements that are vital to simulating a network in action.

The new offering is aimed at enabling organizations to illustrate user experience and validate the performance limits of hybrid networks, security devices and services.

Evolving technologies such as multi-cloud architecture, SD-WAN, and software as a service (SaaS) applications require secure network and robust architecture. In coronavirus crisis triggered

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The 5 Best Tablets For Reading Books

If you’re an avid reader, you probably want easy access to an engaging book at all times, and with a good tablet, you can always have one (or many more) at the tip of your fingers, no matter if you’re lounging in bed, commuting, or on vacation. The best tablets for reading books have glare-free screens with a crisp resolution that makes it easy to read text both day and night, and they make downloading books from your favorite store or library a breeze. Plus, some give you access to audiobooks, so you can listen to — instead of read — your new favorite novel, too.

Since the best e-readers are designed with bookworms in mind, most use easy-to-read electronic ink that closely resembles words on paper, for an experience that feels similar to the real thing. Along with that, they use glare-free displays with a resolution close to 300

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How a New Solar and Lighting Technology Could Propel a Renewable Energy Transformation

The demand for cheaper, greener electricity means that the energy landscape is changing faster than at any other point in history. This is particularly true of solar-powered electricity and battery storage. The cost of both has dropped at unprecedented rates over the past decade and energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting have also expanded.

Access to cheap and ubiquitous solar power and storage will transform the way we produce and use power, allowing electrification of the transport sector. There is potential for new chemical-based economies in which we store renewable energy as fuels, and support new devices making up an “internet of things.”

But our current energy technologies won’t lead us to this future: we will soon hit efficiency and cost limits. The potential for future reductions in the cost of electricity from silicon solar, for example, is limited. The manufacture of each panel demands a fair amount of

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Best Practices: Video Creation from Enscape

When navigating a model in real-time is not practical, or you want a pre-scripted path that aligns with your talking points, then creating a video is the solution. Enscape has a recently improved workflow for developing video. This guide uses Autodesk Revit, but the way in which this functionality was implemented into Enscape allows it to work the same in SketchUp, Rhino and ArchiCAD as well.

The overall process is simple: First, in your design software, Toggle Video Editor and then compose a view in Enscape. Click Add Keyframe to define the start point. You can then continue this process along the path you would like the video to follow. The path and keyframes are visible within Enscape. The video follows this path and morphs between each keyframe. Notice the view direction arrow added at each keyframe. Enscape will smoothly transition between

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