Human Service board votes in favor of Osadchuk despite hostile work environment allegations | Government, Politics and Elections

When she began her job as social services director in 2013, Osadchuk said, supervisors felt powerless because they had previously not been able to enforce policy with employees.

“We had policies,” Osadchuk said. “I just said we’re going to enforce them, and the board wanted me to do that.”

Osadchuk also decried social media harassment she said she has received, and what she said was a “harassing” email sent to a county commissioner earlier Wednesday.

“We’re all better than this,” Osadchuk said.

Differing opinions

Osadchuk suggested implementing a countywide workplace environment survey and creating an employee group to discuss department morale. 

Several board members, along with Osadchuk, said they had concerns about how the investigation was conducted. Osadchuk said most current employees don’t have complaints and they weren’t interviewed. Some zone board members said the investigation did not tell them definitively if a hostile work environment existed.

“To me, an

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Activists launch petition seeking to disband CPS Energy’s board

A group of local environmental and social-justice activists is calling for sweeping reforms at CPS Energy that could allow voters next May to put Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Council in charge of the city-owned electric and gas utility.

The coalition, called Our Power Political Action Committee, launched the “Recall CPS” petition last week to overhaul the organization that activists say has long lacked transparency and public accountability.

“We’re lucky… that we have public utilities supplied by a city-owned utility, so the people of the city should get the benefits and should be able to have some input in calling the shots,” said Terry Burns, chair of the Sierra Club’s Alamo Group and a member of the petition group. “We have a representative government, but we also have these board structures that act as interference basically.”

Our Power PAC organizers want CPS Energy to close its Spruce coal-fired power plant

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Here’s The Only Reason Why SEO Should Be Your Number One Priority

Nothing’s more gut-wrenching than investing tens of thousands of dollars to build a site and having it just not generate the traffic and revenue you were hoping for. 

If you’re wondering how to make your site rank above the competition, then look no further. In this article, we’ll not only explain to you how you can improve your site’s rankings in just a few steps, but we’ll also share with you a personal favorite of ours when it comes to SEO services. 

What is SEO?

SEO What is SEO? Photo: pexels / Negative Space

In layman’s terms, SEO is simply the marketing of one’s site to search engines. It’s a way for search engines to more easily recommend your site to user’s search queries. If your site is well-optimized, it’s more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine’s results page. 

Who is SEO for?

926390 Who is SEO

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BWW Blog: “Could You Unmute Yourself?”

Giving a speech to a computer screen is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever had to do

BWW Blog: “Could You Unmute Yourself?” - A Theatre Major Does a Zoom Audition

Connecting. Your internet connection is unstable. Your mic is muted. Could you please unmute yourself?

For the past several months, Zoom has been an excellent way for educators to continue to teach to their students during the pandemic. It’s also been a great way to communicate with friends you haven’t seen since you were all told you couldn’t return to school. It quickly became something that we had to make ourselves used to, especially with how uncertain things have been lately.

I’ve been using Zoom for school since mid-March, and while I’ve figured out how to use it fairly well, it still feels incredibly awkward, even though I’ve been using it for nearly half a year. It’s easy when all you have to do is show up to the meeting, especially for

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Working from Home: Want to livestream your CX content? Start here.

I read this post on ZDNet a few days ago by David Gewirtz recommending some tech and furniture that would be good for WFH if it was going to be long term and it got me thinking.  For the last several months, Brent Leary and I have been upgrading, even overhauling, our broadcasting studio equipment for the CRM Playaz which I am sure that EVERYONE of you is just watching all the time. Can’t get enough of the Playaz, baby. In fact, aside from our riffing on the industry and bringing major guests onto the show to riff with us (see these two amazing episodes: One with SAP President of CX, Bob Stutz and the other in the first segment of our first crossover event with DisrupTV – with enterprise influencer supreme, Ray Wang and Salesforce’s extraordinary Chief Evangelist Vala Afshar, also a ZDNet columnist), we have been working to

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8 Tested Ways to Use Your eCommerce Blog to Capture Leads

Creating an eCommerce blog is one of the top three most effective ways to expand your brand’s reach online, organically drive traffic, and boost SEO.

At Wishpond, we’re big believers when it comes to having a blog to capture leads. After al, if you take a closer look, eCommerce blogging is a heavily implemented strategy within the top Shopify stores.

You can use your eCommerce platform to attract new leads and educate customers, but most of all, capture the leads you can remarket to for future sales.

This all sounds good, but how do I use my eCommerce blog to do just that, well, here are eight tested ways to use your eCommerce blog to capture leads and then some:

1. Use Your eCommerce Blog to Increase Your SEO Ranking

First of all, why is SEO important to your eCommerce store? Good Question, that’s because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows

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Using an MT199 Template

Using an MT199 Template

Using an MT 199 Template

When creating a message, you may choose to use a MT 199 Template.  The MT 199 template allows you to create a custom payment message, with predefined fields.

To create a new message based off of the MT 199 Template,

KeyLink will then prompt you for the origin of the message that you want to create. Select the Manual MT 199 Using Template option, and click OK.

Fields in an MT 199 template

Type a brief description of the message.

This field is automatically generated by your computer; it is used to track the message.

You can enter a related reference for your message, if there is one.

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Dow drops 800 points, posts worst day since June as tech stocks slide

U.S. stocks took a steep tumble Thursday, posting their worst day since June after Big Tech stocks gave back some of their hefty gains over the past several months, which had powered Wall Street to record highs recently following a coronavirus-induced selloff in the spring. 

US economy plunged a record 32.9% in Q2 amid statewide shutdowns



The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 807.77 points, or 2.8%, to 28,292.73, its biggest selloff since June 11. It had briefly tumbled more than 1,000 points in afternoon trading after eclipsing 29,000 for the first time since February on Wednesday. 


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The S&P 500 slumped 3.5% to 3,455.06, also its biggest drop since June. The tech-laden Nasdaq Composite fell 5% to 11,458.10. Both indexes had set their latest record highs a day earlier, and the Nasdaq is still up nearly 28% for the year. The S&P 500 had

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Musk signals Tesla design, manufacturing overhaul at German plant

FRANKFURT — Tesla Inc. will use its plant in Brandenburg, Germany to demonstrate a radical overhaul of how its cars are built, as well as making electric car battery cells and battery packs, CEO Elon Musk said Thursday.

Musk made the comments to bystanders at Gruenheide, on the outskirts of Berlin, where the automaker is building its new European factory, a video on the Teslarati website showed.

Tesla plans to manufacture a new version of its Model Y crossover vehicle, and possibly even battery cells at the site.

“It will be the first time that there will be a transformation in the core structural design of the vehicle. It’s quite a big thing. Both manufacturing, engineering and design as well,” Musk said in the video.

Tesla wanted to help accelerate a transition to sustainable energy, not just build cars, Musk said.

“The three elements needed for a sustainable energy future

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Aetion Adds Another $19M to its Series B to Make Sense of Drug Development and Treatment Data


In April, Aetion, the Real World Evidence Platform®, partnered with HealthVerity to launch a real-time treatment tracker for COVID-19, allowing doctors and researchers to assess outcomes and how treatments are evolving. A month later, Aetion partnered with the FDA to use real-world evidence to analyze potential treatment plans. Now, Aetion is actively being used by vaccine makers in the race to find a solution to the pandemic. The healthcare systems’ eager adoption of Aetion is a result of the platform’s ability to ingest real-word data sets and generate reliable and replicable real-world evidence, which allows the healthcare industry to make critical decisions about treatments and drug development from a high-level and detailed perspective.  Real World Evidence leads to informed decision-making and Aetion, founded by two former Harvard Medical School faculty members, enables this with a focus on technology and big data.

AlleyWatch caught up with CEO Carolyn Magill to

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