13 Best 10 Inch Tablets (2020)

The 2019 Apple iPad comes with numerous improvements over previous years, including a larger 10.2-inch screen, more RAM for better multitasking, and a Smart Connector port that works with the Apple Smart Keyboard. These improvements, in combination with the newly released iPadOS, make this entry-level iPad the best 10 inch tablet available today. 

The 2019 iPad is available in two storage capacities—32GB and 128GB—both of which can be purchased as Wi-Fi-only or cellular models. All four models are powered by a lightning-fast A10 Fusion chip, have up to 10 hours of battery life, and weigh slightly more than a pound (1.07 pounds for the Wi-Fi model and 1.09 pounds for the cellular model). 

One of the major upgrades in the latest iPad is the 10.2-inch screen, which is half an inch larger than last year’s version. The beefed-up screen is great for multitasking in iPadOS’s new Split View mode, which allows you to have two windows open at one time, each occupying half of the screen. iPadOS is available for several iPad models, both new and old, but the 2019 models were explicitly designed with it in mind. 

In addition to these changes, the 2019 iPad maintains many of the same characteristics that have made previous models so excellent, including the gorgeous Retina display (2160×1620), access to the Apple App Store, and the buttery-smooth user experience—which is made even better by the 3MB of RAM compared to last year’s 2MB. 

Pair it with an Apple Pencil, the Apple Smart Keyboard, and maybe a pair of iPod earbuds if you want a truly superior user experience. Or check out the Microsoft Surface Go on this list if you’re interested in an even more powerful iPad alternative.